Local 96 Election Update

Good afternoon brothers and sisters,

Below is a letter sent from the 9th district Nation Vice President Michael Kelly.

Please highlight the link below, right click and open the link to view the full letter. We will work to put this letter in it’s full form as soon as possible.


L96 Election Postponment 3.24.20

Member Needs Donated Leave

Hello Brothers and Sister of Local 96,

One of our members, Angela Shasserre, is in need of some donated leave for a medical issue. Please find the donated leave form on the intranet. This is located on the Agency’s web site with the FMLA paperwork. Complete the form with the amount of hours that you wish to donate, and send it to HR for processing. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office (Leave a message if necessary) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your help with our member. Remember, we are all in this fight together.

Local 96 Nomination Notice


Pursuant to AFGE 9th District NVP Michael C. Kelly’s decision to re-run AFGE Local 96’s election, the nomination of Officers and Delegates will be accepted from the floor at a Special Nominations Membership meeting on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 5 p.m. at the Enright Building, 3710 Enright Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63108. 

Offices to be filled are President, 1st Vice President-Professional, 1st Vice President-Non-Professional, 2nd Vice President-Professional, 2nd Vice President-Non-Professional, and Secretary-Treasurer, and 2 delegates to the 9th District Caucus, AFGE National Convention and National VA Council National Convention; in accordance with the AFGE Local 96 by-laws. By virtue of election, the Local’s Executive Board, will serve as automatic delegates. 

Qualifications for office are: be a member in good standing of this local; be a member for one year of an AFGE local immediately preceding the closing of the nomination process and may not be a member in any labor organization not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. 

The term in office will run for 3 years, ending with the installation of officers following the regularly scheduled elections in December of 2022. Placement on the ballot will be determined by alphabetical order at the close of nominations. 

Candidates shall not run for more than one office in the same local election. However, the running as a delegate shall not be in conflict with an elected officer position. Any member who has signed a Dues Withholding Form (SF 1187) accepted by a responsible officer of the local is in good standing and eligible to nominate candidates. A second for nomination is not required. Self nominations are permissible. Nominations may also be made in writing and must be received NO LATER THAN 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at the Election Committee’s post office box: AFGE Local 96 Election Committee, PO Box 56668, Saint Louis, MO 63156. 

IMPORTANT: AFGE ELECTION RULES FOR ACCEPTANCES OF NOMINATION WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Candidates must accept nomination at the nomination meeting OR, if not in attendance, submit a written acceptance to AFGE Local 96 Election Committee to be received by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at the post box address listed above. A lone letter of acceptance is a self-nomination. The member making the nomination has the responsibility of informing the nominee of his or her nomination and ensuring the nominee accepts the nomination in writing before the above deadline OR by attendance at the meeting where they can personally accept the nomination. 

Details regarding the election and ballot count will be provided in a separate Election Notice mailed to all Local 96 members in March of 2020. Each candidate may have a reasonable number of observers who are members, present throughout the election process, including the tally of ballots. Any protests concerning the election must be received by the Election Committee in writing prior to, during, or within 10 days after the election. This election is governed by the AFGE Rules of Conduct for Election, set forth in Appendix A of the AFGE National Constitution. 


AFGE Local 96 Update


AFGE Local 96 Update


Brothers and Sisters of AFGE Local 96,

In lieu of the current administration’s  Executive Orders(13836, 13837, and 13839)  the leadership of Local 96 has reconstructed the day to day operations of the Local so that they can continue to represent the Bargain Unit Employees . Stewards will be available to continue to represent you in a timely matter.

Brothers and Sisters make no mistake about it. This has changed the way the Union will do business on a day to day basis. The Master Agreement is still in effect! Make sure to request Union representation. If denied, work now grieve later and report it the Local immediately.

Below are the new Hours of operation and phone numbers to contact the Local for representation and issues. Meetings at the new office will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY!! Updates will be provided as it happens. Please check your email and text messages regularly to stay in the loop.

New Address:

AFGE Local 96

505 Ewing Ave

St. Louis. Missouri 63103

Office Numbers:

314-371-4800    Frances Bruce

314-371-4806    Theresa Stearns

314-371-4841    Sabrina Harris

314-371-4858    General Office Line – Please leave a detailed message and  your call will be returned.

Hours of Operation: By Appointment Only! ( Office hours are subject to change)

Monday -Friday




AFGE Local 96 Required to Move

EO Notification Letter (FTG)(4.0)


Please click link and read ASAP!! Change will be coming soon.

If the link does not open when you click it, right click the link and open.

The Continuing Bid to Privatize Veteran’s Health Care

Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters of AFGE Local 96,

Below is a link that continues to explain the attempt to privatize Veteran’s Health Care. As we all know, this will cause 1000’s of jobs to be lost and transferred to the private sector. If there was ever a since of urgency it is now! We have to get together and fight as a Union to defeat or lively-hood and existence. The question is, What are you going to do about it? Come by the office and see how you can help.



Mary Love Services

Hello Brothers and Sisters of AFGE Local 96,

It is with a heavy heart to report to you that former AFGE Local 96 President Mary Love, has passed away.

Funeral services will be held on Monday, August 12, 2019 at the Greater Fairfax Baptist Church on 2944 Greer Ave.

The viewing will be held at 10:00am and the Service will start at 1100:am.

Burial services will follow immediately  at Jefferson Barracks Cemetery .


NVAC negotiations

(JULY 15, 2019)
In order to further improve the lines of communication and to respond to the concerns between the National VA Council and you our members, I have established a National VA Council Briefing. This NVAC Briefing will bring you the latest news and developments within DVA and provide you with the current status of issues this Council is currently addressing. I believe that this NVAC Briefing will greatly enhance the way in which we communicate and the way in which we share new information, keeping you better informed.
Alma L. Lee
National VA Council, President
In This Briefing: Contract Negotiations Update, Week 6
Last week we signed one article, Article 38 – Uniforms. Make no doubt about this, the VA has no intentions of involving the union in any article of value in the Master Agreement.
Management was asked “What do you see as the Union’s role in VA?”  They had no answer, except the repetition of all articles presented so far.
Management said, “the articles take away management rights.”  “The articles infringe on management rights.”
They have no plan to replace the articles when they strike them in their entirety.  They have no plans for employees except to take away the rights of employees.
Management “has the discretion to cancel your leave” and they want no restrictions on such discretion either. Another proposal was that all communications between the Union and the Department will occur at the national level, including but not limited to grievances and ULPs.
These management negotiators do not care about employee rights.  They feel that they own you and you should do what they say and want. Their proposals are so complicated, that managers are going to have a hard time implementing their proposals at the local level, should they succeed.
Remember, management does not care about employees at the VA. They have their marching orders from the current administration.
Be sure to wear RED every Wednesday.  A RED shirt, tie, scarf, button, whatever.

AFGE Local 96 Raffle Winners

AFGE Local 96 is proud to announce the winners of the Lamour “The Story of Love” concert Featuring the Voice of Evann DeBose. The winners are:

  1. Annette Brown
  2. Kenny Gaines
  3. Amos Griffin
  4. Corliss Dotts
  5. James Smith

Congratulations to the winners!! Please contact the Union office at 314-289-6513 to pick up tickets and information. Again congratulations and enjoy!

Link:                       Lamour ft Evann DeBose     

AFGE Local 96 Members

URGENT!! Immediate Action Required

The Executive Orders issued by President Donald Trump has been reactivated! This means the taking away of official time, Union office space, and restructuring the way  Union dues are collected. This can take place at ANYTIME effective immediately!  For more information, please click on the following links below. 

Brothers and sisters,

Last May, President Trump issued three executive orders that were aimed at gutting federal employees’ workplace rights and silencing your voice at work.

We challenged those executive orders in court, and we won in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The Trump administration appealed that ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals, and today a three-judge panel ruled that the lower court, in which we won our lawsuit, did not have jurisdiction to hear that case.

Let me be clear: This terrible decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals does a disservice to federal employees. AFGE will fight it with every legal tool at our disposal. We believe the court is mistaken, that it is wrong on the law, and that this decision jeopardizes the right of federal workers across the government to negotiate a contract that provides dignity, fairness and respect on the job.

As we continue to consider the next steps in this fight and pursue our legal options, it is important that every AFGE leader begin to make arrangements in the event that the administration implements the executive orders by restricting the use of official time, evicting unions from office space, or other similar actions that we witnessed before our initial victory.

At this point, we believe that the court’s decision will not take effect for at least 45 days, but that does not guarantee that management at your agency will not take action sooner.

If you have questions at this point, please direct them to eoquestions@afge.org. We will keep you abreast of additional information as it becomes available.

AFGE has never had to build member power to fight for our contracts. We must start talking to every member, engage them and mobilize them to stand together in union collective actions. We cannot delay. We will have a local leaders’ call soon to talk more about our response going forward. This decision will not deter us. Rather it emboldens our union to fight with greater purpose, solidarity and tenacity.

In Solidarity,

J. David Cox Sr.
AFGE National President